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Adrenaline Rush & Extreme Sports in Kenya

Adrenaline Rush & Extreme Sports in Kenya

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Extreme sports in Kenya are great way to spice up your holiday. Do you feel like your vacation requires an adrenaline rush with that extra umpph? Well, if it’s the extreme sports that you are after, look no further! We have selected for you the most awesome adrenaline rush sports that are guaranteed to bring your blood to a boil on the Kenyan coast. Take your friends for an unforgettable African adventure and pump up your adrenaline with extreme sports.

Did you know that a vacation on the coast can be great adrenaline adventure? View the top extreme sports in Kenya below!

It is hard to believe that a vacation in idyllic and relaxed coast can be filled with adrenaline and adventure.

adrenaline-rush-africa-jump The mornings on the coast are spectacular itself, but will be much more exiting with extreme sports!

Skydiving adventure is on of the the best extreme sports! “It was the most blood boiling extreme sport I have done on my tour in Africa”

Skydiving in Diani beach will definitely make you adrenaline rush all over! The heart is beating in your chest and you can feel your blood boiling. That is what you came for! Jump and enjoy it! If you are lucky and all goes well, you will lend on white sanded shore. If not there are great hospitals in Diani beach. This is a life time adrenaline experience and is one of the best extreme sports in Kenya. You can enjoy long freefalls, two weeks of the year, one in March and one in November.

If you are looking for extreme sports in the air, try adrenaline rush with Coastal Microlights ” They say it’s just a flight, but it isn’t. It’s much more!

Mark is very experienced pilot. He will be the one who will fly you up. It is going to be a wonderful African adventure to take a flight in this tiny thing and view the south coast from 360 feet above the ground.

coastal-microlights-adrenaline-rushThe scenic flight takes about 20 minutes and you will fly above the south coast including Congo river. As highlight is the flight above Chale island. Usually the climate in Kenya is hot and dry, but sometimes the weather is not very friendly and it will not be possible to fly.

Kitesurfing is one of the top extreme sports in Africa “I feel the ocean is only mine”

Kitesurfing is one of the fastest growing watersports on the coast. Stay in one of the private villas on the Indian ocean, wake up with sunrise and let the wind take you along the coast. Imagine that the kite can take you up to 20 feet! Kitesurfing at the coast is very popular thanks to a great conditions for this extreme sport. Find out when is the best time to visit Kenya for kitesurfing.

Tracking in Shimba Hills will be the best sport for nature lovers

Shimba Hills are located only 45minute drive from the coast and it will be the best place for some climbing adventure. While mountain climbing is an excellent extreme sport for climbers, also in Shimba Hills you can increase your adrenaline. The walking safaris among wildlife is quite impressive adventure.

These are only few of many extreme sports in Kenya which will pump up your adrenaline. Write a review about your experience with extreme sports on your vacation at the coast in comments below.