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Aniello Restaurante

Aniello Restaurante

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Aniello restaurante is located south of Mombasa and offers one of the best authentic Italian cuisine in Diani beach. Aniello’s is not by the ocean, but thanks to the delicious meals and excellent service it is one of the best places to eat out. Aniello restaurante is located on the main road, right behind the Colliers center and offers the best pizza in the town.

The convenient central location, makes this place great spot for relaxing or dining after going trough souvenir shops. Aniello’s pizzeria is very simple but cozy and is excellent for family gatherings or celebrations. Another great restaurant were you can enjoy an Italian pizza is The Sands ate Nomad located directly on the ocean front.

Aniello restaurante – Authentic Italian cuisine in Kenya

aniello-restaurante-kenya-italian-dining-pizzaThe mouth-watering cuisine at great value will pleasantly surprise you. Aniello’s restaurant provides a rich experience that can only be matched by its delicious menu.

The cuisine is specializing on Italian dishes and involves fresh sea food as well as International cuisine. Experience mouth watering selection of traditionally prepared, authentic Italian dishes, with the emphasis on flavor.

The fresh pastas, crispy pizza, fresh sea food with local ingredients and diverse wine list are only few of many treats offered in this fantastic Italian restaurant in Kenya. Aniello restaurante keeps the classics and traditions well known for world class Italian cuisine.

If you plan safari to Shimba Hills, perhaps take away pizza from Aniello restaurante will be perfect for picnic in the tropical forest.

Aniello restaurante has hand made wooden seating, the tables are decorated with local flowers and during the evenings the candles are lit up

aniello-restaurante-kenya-diani-italian-lunch-fresh-saladThe owner of this unique place to eat out is known as Mr. Aniello’s and is always there to greet the guests and lead them to their tables. The exceptional and very professional team is adding to the value of this small Italy in Kenya

What would be an Italian cuisine without real Italian ice cream? You can be sure in Aniello’s you get one of the best ice-creams in Kenya! And what is our recommendation? Strawberry, Lemon and Tiramisu!

Aniello’s Opening hours: 11.00 am / Closing hours: 10.00 pm

Aniello Restaurante by Villas Diani