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Chale Island, The Paradise for Honeymoons

Chale Island, The Paradise for Honeymoons

Chale Island is located 10 km south of Diani beach and is one of the most romantic islands in Africa! Chale island is a small, exotic paradise, isolated around 600 meters from the mainland on the south coast of Kenya.

Welcome to Chale Island, one of the most romantic islands in Africa

Chale-island-Sands-at-Nomad-Beach-hotel-honeymoonsThe name “Chale” stands for the name of famous old Warrior from the Digo tribe who is buried at the Chale Island. Religious rituals are taking place yearly to celebrate in his honor what adds the benefit of lifetime experience during the stay.

The island can be reached within 30 minutes drive from Diani beach, 1,5 hour from Mombasa and it is only bare 70 km from the border of Tanzania. In 1 hour you can also reach Funzi Island, which is also one of the most romantic islands in Africa.

Chale Island is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Africa for beach weddings, honeymoons, large family holidays, or for special events, exclusive business meetings and celebrations.

Chale island is a 1,2 km long and 0.8km wide tropical paradise surrounded by stunning turquoise Indian ocean and inland mangrove forest lakes subjected to the natural changes of the tides, considered to be one of the most unique treasures. The picturesque shoreline is included among the best beaches in Kenya. The views on inland mangrove lakes to the West and open Indian ocean to the East are breathtaking!

The_Sands_At_Chale_Island_roomThere are monkeys, baboons, bush baby, wonderful exotic bird life attracted by the gorgeous tropical flora, small antelopes and colorful butterflies.

This is the true paradise for those who are looking for an escape from it all.  Add this unique location in the south coast of Kenya to your safari.

Unique Accommodation at Chale Island

The Sands at Chale Island Hotel is one of the best accommodation on the south coast of Kenya. This small luxury hotel with total of 50 rooms in unique bandas, towers, water bungalows and honeymoon suites was built with nature in mind.

The unique coastal architecture with traditional Swahili decorations creates special coastal atmosphere and perfectly blends with surrounding of the island. The evenings under the bright stars of African sky with the sound of wildlife and ocean are very special at Chale Island accommodation.

During your stay visit of Chale Island you will enjoy 3 large pools, spa, jacuzzi, water sports and safaris

The Sands at Chale Island-hotel poolThe Sands at Chale Island feature 3 large pools. One is with fresh water and connected by a waterfall to a sixteen seater outdoor Jacuzzi.

The second pool has salt-water and access directly into the ocean. The third pool feature bar with many cocktails.

Available is also spa and fitness. You may try out fishing, scuba diving or learning to dive and get PADI certifications, snorkeling, kitesurfing or windsurfing. Dolphin and whale sharks safaris is also possible to organize from Chale Island.