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Choosing the Best Time to Visit Kenya

Choosing the Best Time to Visit Kenya

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Choosing the best time to visit Kenya might be puzzling. A diverse geography means a different climate across the country, but in general it is considered a year round destination for safaris and for a visit by the Indian ocean as well. The truth is, you can’t choose a wrong time to travel. Knowing the kind of African vacation you are looking for will help to determine when you should travel. Depending on your interests, there might be a season that better fits your ideal trip.

Choose the best time to visit Kenya for safari or holidays at the coast

the-best-time-vist-kenya-coast-dianiMost East Africa destinations are at their best between January and March. I you plan a visit of National parks choose the time for your travel during this months for the wildlife viewing. During this months the climate is very dry and hot. The animals gather and visit natural lakes, making it easy for big game viewing. January to March is also excellent for birdwatching safaris. Variety of exotic bird life is concentrating on Rift Valley lakes. From February to July and October is rainy season in Diani so the holiday at the coast will not be ideal.

Is the reason of your travel to Africa is the great migration in Maasai Mara? Then the best time to visit is from the end o July to October. This is the only time you can see the wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara. It is considered as one of the most amazing events in Africa. Never the less, for the game drives and wildlife viewing you can travel through the entire year.

By considering our tips below and glimpse into Kenya seasons at the coast, you can make sure that your dream visit of Africa is the way you imagined.

The best value visit in Spring time

From March and July is the best value travel. If I was going to suggest the best time to visit the coast to a friend of mine, who has no particular reason for visiting this part of the world unless for exploring a new destination, I would recommend to travel in May. This time of the year is known as a low season and you can go wild! There are great discounts everywhere. Enjoy special offers and deals holiday accommodation, safari and all the goods in local shops.

 Summer season for the best safari to Maasai Mara

From July to October, the Great Wildebeest Migration takes place in Maasai Mara National Reserve. The best time to visit Kenya for wildlife viewing and safari is during this period of the time. As it is quite windy at this time of the year, travel will be worth for kitesurfing and windsurfing as well.  August and September are very popular for summer villa holidays on the coast.

Cultural visit during Fall

During this time you can enjoy discounts. October and November is know as a short rainy season. Although there are short rain showers, there is always enough sunshine during the day. Swahili Cultural festivals are often held during November and variety celebrations are taking place at the north coast. This will be great time to plan honeymoon holidays in Kenya. Have a look on our collection of Top 3 boutique hotels for honeymoons.

Winter holiday at the coast

From November to March it is the hottest time at the coast. December is also considered as the most expensive so it will not be the best time for visit if you plan a budget vacation. Naturally due to the high season during the Christmas time and New Year, but also thanks to excellent weather in beach resorts. The average temperatures are around 29 degrees and Indian ocean ofter great conditions for swimming, snorkeling, diving or other ocean safaris. Always consider what activities you plan to do and choose the time to travel according to type of your vacation.