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Kenya Climate, Weather, Temperatures & Seasons

Kenya Climate, Weather, Temperatures & Seasons

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Kenya climate is tropical, humid at the coast and temperatures inland are very dry in the northeastern parts of country.

The climate in Kenya is blessed with a lot of sun all the year round, however, it is usually cool at night and early in the morning, especially in the highlands and Nairobi. After millions of years of evolution, the climate now range from semi-arid to tropical, temperate to alpine, and also include even arctic. Find out when is it the best time to visit Kenya for holidays.

Kenya climate and excellent weather conditions invites for an African adventure. The hot temperatures are washed away during two rainy seasons

Climate Kenya-weather-chart Kenya climate is mostly high and at the coast are characteristic hot temperatures and humid air. This makes coast excellent for beach holidays and honeymoons.

The humidity rises up in April and May, but is tempered by monsoon winds. Kenya climate in lowlands is hot and mainly dry.

The highlands including the climate in Nairobi is more temperate with four seasons.

When is the hottest weather and how is the Kenya climate influenced by a rainy season

Kenya climate varies according to a location. There are two rainy seasons: the ‘long rains’ and the ‘short rains’. The long rains (rainy season) occur from April to July and short rains trough October and November. Climate during this time is cold.

The hottest climate in Kenya is from December to March and coldest period is from June to July.

Recommended clothing for climate in Kenya

Kenya climate is mostly pleasant so pack lightweight cottons, linens and light shoes or flip flops for hot climate in Kenya coast and lakeside. High hills shoes are not recommended for walking along the streets as the pedestrian paths are rough in most coastal cities. In hotels they might be handy for evenings.

climate-kenya-maasai-mara-migrationKenya Climate by the ocean is often windy and morning and evenings might be colder. You should consider bringing good quality of sunglasses with strong UV protection. A small umbrella can be handy for protection from the strong sun and hot climate. The only unfriendly weather at the coast is during the rainy season, but even this time of the year has its charm.

For highlands lightweight layers are needed for much of the year. The climate in highlands change fast so it is always better have more layers of the cloths which you can easily take on and off. Read our packing list and travel advice in order to be well prepared for different temperatures.

Kenya climate during the dry season is dusty, especially on a safari and in national parks. During the rainy period country is muddy so try to avoid white clothing unless you stay on the coast.