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Dhow Sailing on the Indian Ocean

Dhow Sailing on the Indian Ocean

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Join us on unforgettable dhow sailing with a sea food lunch along the palm-fringed Kenyan coastline. Who would not want to sail away on a traditional African dhow and visit some of the best islands in Africa?

diani-beach-sailing-dhow-safari-lunchLet it be a Sundowner cruise to Funzi Island or simply fishing in Wasini island, dhow sailing is one of the best way to explore the Indian ocean.

If you are adventurous enough you might as well take a Sightseeing flight and view the entire coast from 360 feet above the ground, but the sailing on a calm waters of the Indian ocean is an unforgettable experience.

Dhow sailing in a traditional Arab dhow is the best way to spot dolphins and whale sharks

Dhow sailing is excellent safari for kids and anyone between 5 and 100 years. Why dine only in a restaurants?

large-dhow-sailing-safari-funzi-islandCome and join us on dhow sailing trough the the history of the Arab traders with delicious meals and drinks!

The program on the tour include dolphins and whale sharks spotting and also snorkeling, The swimming in crystal clear ocean and sun bathing on sand banks is also one of the highlights of the dhow safari.

Choose romantic dhow sailing with delicious lunch or sundowner cruise with bubbly champagne

Dhow cruise is very special and romantic. It is a fantastic tour for those spending honeymoons on the coast.

During the cruise you will enjoy the breathtaking ocean views with spectacular color changes of the sky, reflecting on the glimmering water. Thousands of feelings will cross your body at this time!

After the sun will set, you will sail under the intimate silver moonlight and African stars. All served with ocean orchestra!

You may sail with a group or enjoy a sailing safari along the coast on your very private Arab dhow.