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Diani Beach Hospitals, Health Care

Diani Beach Hospitals, Health Care

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Diani beach hospitals offer excellent health care on high  international standards with 24 hours emergency. The both hospitals, Diani beach hospital and Palm beach hospital are offering medical treatments for the entire south coast of Kenya. The hospitals are in pleasant surrounding and are easily accessible from all resorts and villa rentals.  Available are also transfers in Diani beach. If you experience any kind of symptoms of malaria or you are not feeling well, you are very welcome for health check up.

Diani beach hospitals offer modern health care including of dentistry or physiotherapy on international standard

Unexpected teeth problem on holidays can be solved out in both hospitals. The modern dentistry ambulances offer many treatments. Hygiene is on the top priority and you can rely on professional care.

You can rely on 24 hours emergency in Diani beach hospitals in the case you need a medication

The pharmacies are well equipped with a large collection of health care facility and medications. Should be there something missing, management will be happy to order the medication you need.

Diani-beach-hospitals-medical-equipment-testIt is very easy to get hurt on safari in Kenya or during the watersports. Both clinics offer 24 hours emergency service and almost any kind of health issue or injury can be treated here. If the patient needs to be hospitalized overnight, available are private rooms on the highest level.

In the case of more serious injury it is easy to reach Mombasa hospitals within an hour. We suggest to eat fresh seafood or sushi only in well known restaurants or choose self-catering villas with healthy food. Food poisoning is not often, but with raw fish and seafood you should be always careful.

Many injuries treated are caused by wildlife in National parks or on the streets. Always be careful around monkeys, street dogs and cats. Do not step into bushes and do not try to touch insect or wildlife. Allergic reaction and insect bites are often treated.

Diani beach hospitals have good laboratories and offer many blood tests including Malaria tests. Seek any of nearest heath care should you experience malaria symptoms

One of the most frequent diseases in Kenya is Malaria, specially during the rainy season. Read our guide to seasons and find out when is the best time to visit Kenya. The symptoms of Malaria are flu-like and including fever, headache, sweats, chills, muscle and joints pain, generally feeling unwell, vomiting and diarrhea, but it varies from person to person. With some types of malaria, the fever occurs in four-to-eight hour cycles. First you will feel cold with shivering and then you will develop fever with strong sweating. Should you experience some of these symptoms please seek a health care facility immediately in any of nearest hospitals!

Be aware that you can develop symptoms of malaria even after several weeks, months or a year after you return from Kenya. You will need to inform the health care you visit that you have been in Kenya earlier. Enjoy your vacation while 2 great Diani beach hospitals are stand by.