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Diani Beach Shopping, Local Markets, Souvenir Shops

Diani Beach Shopping, Local Markets, Souvenir Shops

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Diani Beach Shopping areas boosts many boutiques, local markets, souvenirs and also a large hypermarket Nakumatt.  The most popular souvenirs in Diani beach are paintings, wood crafts, fabrics, kikoy, kanga, statues made of soap stone, hand-made jewelry, traditional African, Arab and Indian clothes and many others.. If you decide to give up on large all-inclusive resorts and rather stay in self-catering villa rentals, you will also need to know were to buy what.

Diani Beach Shopping, local markets and souvenir shops

The main shopping area with boutiques and souvenirs is located along the main road. The main road is approximately 25km long and has more than a hundred local shops, 3 large shopping centers, many supermarkets and groceries. During the rainy season there are less shops, but in general you will find all the goods. If you visit Maasai village you may also buy unique souvenirs made of beads.


3 large Diani beach shopping centers: Nakumatt shopping center, Shandarana, Bahari plaza

The largest and the most popular shopping is Nakumatt. Nakumatt Diani beach is very modern hypermarket with a few boutiques on the upper floor and a pharmacy and lovely restaurant with cafeteria on the ground floor. The shopping center is located in the central area and is easy accessible with local Matatu transfer.

In Nakumatt you will find all the goods you would get in a large supermarkets in Europe. Some of the prices are very high comparing to the local shops. Right next to the shopping center is DTB bank and ATM.

The second largest shopping area is Diani Beach shopping center. You will find there supermarket Muthaiga, pharmacy, DM safaris, two restaurants and a sport bar, a large local shops for vegetable, fruits, spices, few boutiques, African art gallery, internet café, Italian bakery, bank and even apple store for computers.

Diani-beach-shopping-local-market-fruit-shopAnother great place to get goods is Bahari plaza shopping center. Bahari plaza is a large shopping area spread on both sides of the main road. Ushago restaurant and Chandarana supermarket. You will find here also a pharmacy, Fidelity bank, a large vegetable-fruit shop, Ushago restaurant,  safari companies, jewelry shop and a few boutiques.

On the other side of the road is excellent Ajuverdic pharmacy where clients staying in our accommodation will receive 20%discount on any goods! There you will find as well hardware shop, hairdresser, internet café and newly opened cocktail bar La Strada. If you would like to test yourself for malaria vist  Dr. Onkoba’s private ambulance which is located also here. It will coast you much less then in large hospitals.

Villas Diani shopping tips

Fresh fish and sea food is the best to buy with local fisherman directly on the beach. If you stay in one of our villas you do not need to go for shopping. The fisherman will bring you fresh catch every day right from the ocean if you wish. The average prices for fish and seafood are:

  • Fish 300-500KSH (3-5€) per kg,
  • calamari 300-400KSH per kg,
  • lobster 1800 KSH per kg,
  • prawns 800-1200KSH per kg.

For fresh vegetable & fruits shopping we always suggest to buy from local fellows as they are cheaper than in large supermarkets and shopping centers and you will support the community. Bea careful with your fruits as we have a lot of monkeys around and thy like to steel! Have look on this funny video of monkeys living at the coast with their baby baboons.

For the best bread we suggest the German bakery next to the petrol station on the main road. If you are coming from shopping in Nakumatt, just before the petrol station there is a small hidden turn where you get bread, rolls and cakes. Also Shandarana shopping center has recently opened a small bakery with supper delicious pastries, bread, baguette and much more!

For the best prices of souvenirs shop with local people along the road and negotiate. Remember, each price can be at least 50% less! Avoid shopping of local souvenirs in large hotels or boutiques as they are very expensive.

For the best value of medication buy them in Bahari plaza in Ajuverdic pharmacy. If you are guest in one of or properties ask for 20%discount! Please do not cheat and try shopping with the discount if you are not staying in our properties. The staff is checking on this and you will feel embarrassed on the end.

For the best spices and fresh juice shop with Vincent right next to Mama Lucy vegetable. Vincent makes his own hand grounded spices and sells the best fresh juice! You will get the same product as in Maasai Mara

For the best Kikoy fabrics shopping take a stroll to Ukunda. There you will find many souvenirs and all are much much cheaper then along the coast! Ukunda has very narrow and long streets and like in every place in the world, where many people mingle, you better watch you personal belongings. You will be most likely accompanied by one of the locals. It is worth of taking him. Sometimes they are very funny and the others will not bother you anymore. You can reward him on the end of your tour with some change and you help him to get some food. NEVER WALK INTO AN EMPTY AND DISTANT STREET! DO NOT VISIT UKUNDA IN THE DARK! DO NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF PEOPLE WITHOUT ASKING, YOU WOULD NOT LIKE IT AS WELL!

So you can see, here you will get everything so there is no need for packing a lot of staff. The people at the coast are very friendly in general and Diani beach shopping is a lot of fun if you respect the local cultures.