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Diani Bikes Eco Tours & Excursions

Diani Bikes Eco Tours & Excursions

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Diani Bikes are based on the south coast of Kenya and offer many eco tours and safaris.If you are planing a holiday in Diani beach this will be a great opportunity to try some of the eco tours. The main values of this fantastic family run business is high quality of gear, experienced guides, safety and of course your unforgettable experiences.

Take your kids and have fun on one of the Diani Bikes eco tours or drive away along the ocean on a romanic beach ride to Congo river

One of our favorite tours is the cultural visit of Sacred Kaya Forest, but available are many others as well. There is a large collection of the most extraordinary adventures available! Enjoy the typical African life in the Mwamanga village, explore the spirits of the sacred forest of Kaya or just ride along the beautiful shoreline. Experience unforgettable adventure across the streets of costal villages, meet local people and discover Swahili culture on bike tours. Choose one of many eco safaris with Diani Bikes and explore the coastal life the best way.

Beach Ride

On this tour you will ride along the Indian ocean and view the entire shoreline with its outstanding Swahili architecture. This is the longest ride and it requires a reasonable degree of fitness.

diani-bikes-eco-tours-coast-safari-private -tourYou will start off at the Diani Bike Centre and riding along the sandy beach, past the coconut fronted hotels, round the coral outcrops to where the Congo river meets the Indian Ocean. Here you will take a canoe and sail along the river to see mangrove swamps which host many sea creatures as well as exotic birds, and huge ancient baobab trees.

Village Tour

This ride involves a peep into rural Kenyan life. Leaving Diani Bikes Centre and riding through forest paths. The first visit begins in the Maasai Village, where you will see how live Masai people. On the program is also traditional Masai dance, putting on fires or Masai market with souvenirs hand made of beets.

diani-bikes-eco-tours-coast-ukunda-village-visitThe second stop is self-help primary school. It is a nice idea to bring small gifts of books, pens or sweets for kids. You will be invated to chat with local kids or you may also take photos.

Then you will continue to a village community of simple homesteads. Here you will taste coconut wine, learn how to prepare the favorite Kenyan meal Ugali and meet a local Mganga, which is the Swahili name for a witch doctor. These days the witch doctors deal with healing and herbal treatments and not casting spells as in the past. Many witch doctors on the Kenyan coast are believed to have psychic powers. The ride continues to Ukunda rural market where is planed shopping, then finally back home.

Forest Ride

This ride is not arduous, starting off at Aqualand Centre then cycling a few kilometers to the area known as Kaya Kinondo. Here villagers will greet you, escort you to their kayas, sacred clearings in the forest used as prayer places and important community meetings. They will recount their history which goes back many centuries and talk about their role. Following is a guided walk in the forest where you will learn about sacred trees and plants.

All the eco tours with Diani Bikes are great fun for kids and adults, but if you are lazy for cycling try quad safaris and let the engine do the work.