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Funzi Island Kenya

Funzi Island Kenya

Funzi Island Kenya is an exotic paradise for honeymooners, weddings and private escapes on African coast.

Funzi Island Kenya was created for love and will amaze you with its unspoiled exotic beauty, colorful wildlife and unique accommodation

Funzi Island is located on the south coast of Kenya, 35km from Diani beach, 65km from Mombasa and comprises of four mangrove islands. Funzi islad-Dolphin safari-full-dayThe sundowner cruise along the Ramisi river is unforgettable experience. The cruise can be organized from the entire south coast including Galu beach and Kinondo beach.

The main of them is Funzi Island and it is the only one inhabited with permanent people of the Shirazi tribe, who live in a small ancient village of 1600 members only. This is the place where you can discover history of the coast of Kenya and learn some of the traditions of the local people.

They say this place was made for love, peace and relaxation. The island is known for its nesting site for a variety of sea turtles.

The main industry in village is agricultur and fishing. One of the highlight is a natural sand bank stretching over one kilometer during low tide.

It is here where you will find the most beautiful beaches in Kenya and enjoy swimming in crystal clear ocean.

For its great privacy and exotic natural beauty, Funzi Islnad visit is one of the most interesting eco tours on the African coast.

funzi islad beach relax-keysYou might come from Diani and enjoy a day tour or it is also possible to stay overnight in one of the Funzi Island accommodation. A few nights at Funzi Island can add value to your holiday in Diani.

It will be an excellent addition after a safari in one of the National parks or reserves. The picturesque landscape is breathtaking. One of the many highlights is sunset and the island is excellent for bird watching safaris!

To get to Funzi Island you will drive towards south coast where Bodo is the main gateway. You will sail in a boat toward the island, which itself is a wonderful journey.

What to do in Funzi Island

There are a variety of things to do for adults and kids as well. A fascinating sailing safari along the Ramisi River, where crocodiles can be observed or sundowner cruise are a must!

Experience sailing through the mangrove forests for the most romantic and unforgettable sundowner while observing the rich and colorful bird life. The Funzi Island is also close to the Pemba Channel – one of the best areas for deep-sea fishing in Kenya coast. If you will be lucky, you will spot dolphins and whale sharks.

funzi island-ocean-sailing

You may go on cultural visit of the ancient village and meet the Shirazi people living in their untouched environment is an excellent way how to spend an afternoon. Traditionally cooked lunch will be served!

Funzi Island is an absolutely private tropical paradise offering the real African experiences!

We suggest this tropical holiday destination for romantic weddings, honeymoons, group travel and family holidays in Kenya. Visit this paradise and recharge your self with energy of tranquility and nature. Explore the coast and listen to sounds of wildlife with gentle waves of the Indian ocean on Funzi Island in Kenya. If you fancy luxury resorts on African east coast, have a look on another great retreat in Chale island.