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Top 5 Free Things To Do On Holidays in Diani beach

Top 5 Free Things To Do On Holidays in Diani beach

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Holidays in Diani beach are amongst the most popular in Africa. The reason why it is so is the splendid coastline with white send and turquoise Indian Ocean. You will find excellent accommodation to suit every budget.

Enjoy free things to do on holidays in Diani beach

There are many excursions and ocean safaris you may choose from. Some of the most popular are Dhow Sailing, Fishing or Sundowner Cruise. All this excursions are paid starting as from 50euros per person. Nevertheless, there are many activities you can enjoy for free on holidays in Diani beach! Here is the list of top 5 things to do on holidays in Diani beach.

Visit The most picturesque spot on the south coast of Kenya


1, One of the best places to visit is Congo Mosque. The mosque was previously known as Diani Persian Mosque. The mosque was built by Arab traders in the 14 century as place to worship of Muslim religion. Until these days there are regular meetings of Muslims gathering for prayers.

You can view Kongo Mosque heritage from outside, however you will not be allowed to walk in. The mosque is set in in spectacular garden full of huge Baobab trees and the view on Kongo river influence with Indian ocean is the most picturesque place on the coast. The best accommodation around this historical sight is Taj Riviera or Ivana House.

Chale Island view point

2, If you go all the way to the southern end, you will enjoy spectacular view on Chale Island over the mangroves. The view on one of the best and most romantic Africa’s islands is definitely worth of visit. It is quiet far away so you may rent a gear from Diani bikes. It will be sure a nice exercise on lazy holidays. You will pass many local houses and waving kids. If you book Chale accommodation you can go on island as well. It is excellent escape for honeymoons or family holidays.

Come for a live music to Kim4Love

holidays-to-diani-beach-top-free-things-to-do-kim3, Make sure to visit Kim4Love in 2 fishes.The live music performed by Kim and his guests is a very nice entertainment on the ocean front. Lot of great music, acrobats, dancers, kids competitions and much more is waiting for you every Saturday and Sunday.

Come to listen to live music, have a cold tusker and re-charge yourself with good energy and love. On the menu are also dishes including fish, chips and salads. excellent place for Saturday or Sunday by the ocean. The 2 fishes is located next to hotel Alliance.

Visit Diani Art Gallery exhibitions

diani-art-galleryt-holidays-to-diani-beach-top-free-things-to-do-artist4, If you fancy African art then do not miss the chance visit Diani beach Art Gallery in shopping center. The Art Gallery is the first art venture of its kind on the Kenyan coast.

You will find a great variety of Fine African Art by artists from all over Africa. Come to admire painting, sculpture and object d’art, learn about art or even visit a workshop. The Gallery is opened from Monday to Saturday. The opening hours are from 09:00-17:00. On the program are regular art exhibitions with presence of the artists.

Drive for a picnic to Shimba Hills and spot elephants

5, Shimba Hills is the second largest coastal forest in East Africa after Arabuko-Sokoke. The national reserve has rich wildlife and many wonderful sights with view for picnics. All these sights are accessible free of charge. You will need to have 4×4 car. You may drive through the hills, view local villages and with a bit of luck even spot elephants! It takes only 45 minutes to reach the Shimba Hills. If you decide to enter also the park there is a charge.