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Visit Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

Visit Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest

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Visit Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest on the south coast of Kenya and learn about Diani beach history marked by centuries of the trade and dhow sailing on the Indian ocean.

kaya-kinondo-sacred-forest-diani-beach-history-bantu-tribeThe best way to reach the Kaya Kinondo forest is to take eco tour with Diani Bikes. You will have chance to visit Maasai Village as well. If you would like to see the forest from 360 feet above, try the coastal microlight and the sightseeing flight. Another great way to reach the forest is to rent one of the Diani Quads.

This is an excellent eco tour for kids and adults as well. The price for the visit of Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest is 500 shillings (5euros) per person. You may also have a look on our list of things to do on holidays in Diani beach if you are looking for some free activities.

Join us on Cultural walking tour in Kaya Kinondo Sacred forest and learn about the history of the Kenyan coast

The history of Diani beach is fascinating. The Arab influence has changed the language, architecture, religion, culture and customs.

The history was also marked by the influx of Bantu people from the northwest which began in the 13th century. The repeated colonization by foreign civilizations such as the Arabs, Portuguese, Zanzibari sultans and finally the white Men gave the coastal history a colorful blend of cultures.

kaya-kinondo-sacred-forest-diani-kenya-treesThe entire area was under the ocean thousands years ago and later it became the home of the Mijikenda people. One thing you will learn is that Mijikenda means “Nine Villages”. The phrase includes the nine tribes who have migrated to the coast around 600 years ago from the legendary kingdom Shungwaya, somewhere in what is now northern Somalia.

The tribes of Mijikenda are Kauma, Chonyi, Jibana, Giriama, Kambe, Ribe, Rabai, Duruma and Digo. Each of the ethnic groups has a sacred forest known as Kaya where selected elders perform prayers and rituals on behalf of the community.

Explore Kinondo Sacred Forest on the way to Chale island

The central part of the Kaya Kinondo Forest served as a place of worship and communication with ancestral and nature spirits.

Before you walk in to the forest you will have to promise to abstain from any sexual or romantic activity such as kissing or even holding hands while inside. A traditional black cloth called a “kaniki” will be tight around your waist to protect you and show the respect to the holy land of the Digo tribe.

This a great tour for all lovers of nature and wildlife. Your guide will show you healing trees and plants, explain the history and visit of traditional witch doctore can be organized as well on your visit of Kaya Kinondo forest.