Kenya Beach Vacation

Kenya Beach Holidays, 6 Reasons to Visit African Coast

Kenya Beach Holidays, 6 Reasons to Visit African Coast

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Kenya beach holidays are among the most popular getaways in African coast. What is your idea of a perfect African beach holidays in Kenya? Perhaps a white sandy coastline, crystal turquoise waters and relaxing massage under tall palm trees?

Or is it holidays with ocean safaris including snorkeling, fishing, kitesurfing and diving?  No matter what type of vacation, our private accommodation suites for family holidays, friends gateways, weddings or honeymoons.

Find out why to choose Kenya beach holidays

kenya-beach-holidays-coupleMaybe the best Kenya beach holidays would be by exploring the ancient coastal towns, view the historical sites, spent some time by shopping and finish a day with an exotic cocktail in a night club? Or is a wildlife and marine beauty what interests you the most? Few days safaris in some of the greatest National parks in Kenya can be added to you stay at the coast. Whatever your ideal scenario of beach holidays is, Kenya has it all.

There is a number of famous people who has written thousands of interesting quotes about travel in Africa, so why not to choose this part of the world as your next vacation destination.

We have put together the six top reasons why you should book yourself holidays in Kenya today!

1. In Kenya you will find the best beaches in Africa. Indian ocean beaches are world known for the exotic beauty

Kenyan coast has some of the most beautiful resorts in the world. The most popular resorts in Kenya are Diani, Tiwi, Mombasa, Kilifi, Watamu, Vipingo and Malindi.

2. Excellent climate for holidays by the ocean

kenya-beach-holidays-coast-wind-kikoyThe Kenya climate is perfect for beach holidays for most of the time except of the rainy season during June, July, august, October. The year is divided into seasons and each season has its own charm and offers possibilities for a range of activities and water sports. The best time to visit Kenya for relaxing holidays on the coast is from November to March when the temperatures are steady and the hottest.

If the whale sharks and dolphins are the reason of your vacation, from October until April is the best time. The Humpback Whales migration is from July through to October.  If you think of booking lessons to learn kitesurfing then the best wind conditions are from December to March and June to September on the south coast.

3. Each budget beach holidays in Kenya

In Kenya you can book all-inclusive luxury villa holidays or inexpensive budget accommodation in traditional African cottages. The Kenya coast comprises many five stars hotels, resorts,  but also affordable private rentals and self-catering accommodation. You will find any kind of accommodation to suit to your budget.

4. Incredible food and beverages at your finger tips. Self-catering beach holidays are fun and easy

Kenya is not the culinary destination in Africa, but with the Indian Ocean on the hand you can be sure to get the best fresh seafood and fish there is. Thanks to many expats from Italy, England and Germany there are many wonderful restaurants offering a mixture of local and international cuisine to satisfy any craving during the holidays. Being an exotic destination, in Kenya you will enjoy the mouthwatering fresh juices of sweet tropical fruits. You can taste super healthy food in self-catering villas and boost your immunity system.

5. More than holidays

Apart from the splendid ocean you can explore ancient coastal towns and villages, historical ruins, discover fascinating history of Arab traders and enjoy great shopping of outstanding African art and beautiful fabrics. The holidays in Kenya are memorable experience from each aspect.

6. Amazing wildlife, safari holidays

The Kenya coast is home to a diversity of wildlife. You will spot baboons, white colobus monkeys or bush babies and hundreds of exotic birds. You can book an ocean safari and visit a marine park to explore colorful corals and fascinating underwater life.

If you would like to see giraffes, elephants, big cats, hipos or crocodiles you might book a day trip to some of the coastal national parks – Shimba hills and Arabuko Sokoke.

There is many more reasons why Kenya beach holidays are definitely worth it.