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Kilifi is a small coastal town and popular beach resort on the north coast of Kenya. The towns are located on the both sides of the estuary and are connected by the Kilifi Bridge. The town on the south side feature the Mnarani ruins and Shauri Moyo beach while the north town is the main part of Kilifi Town and Bofa Beach.

It takes 1 hour drove from Mombasa and 1 hour drive from Malindi. kilifi-bofa-beach-rocks-sandThe town is proudly set on the beautiful Kilifi Creek and is one of the most ancient Swahili towns with some of the best beaches in Kenya.

Kilifi is spread on the both sides of the Rare River and it is linked by the famous Kilifi Bridge. The resort is more relaxing compering to the lively Diani on the south coast and therefore is popular rather for residents then tourists.

Welcome to Kilifi and its splendid Bofa Beach

It is in Kilifi where you will taste the best exotic fruits on the entire Kenya coast! The town is surrounded by many African farms and vast natural lands with fruit farming. The village with its friendly Giriama people is a must see in Kilifi.

Here you will learn about the rich history of Kilifi, African culture and discover the habits and traditions of the Giriama people, which are kept until these days.

What are the best safaris in Kilifi?

kilifi-creek-kenya-north-coastOne of the best attractions in Kilifi is visit of the ancient Mnarani ruins and its fascinating tombs with mosques dating back to the 14th century.

It takes no longer then half an hour to Watamu and a short safari can be organized. Mombasa is only 55km away and sightseeing tour or visit of Haller Park is great way to spend a day on the African coast. Have look on some other activities for kids and adults in our list of the best things to do in Mombasa.

And what to do during the hot exotic days? Kilifi was made for a morning walk! You can jogging along the 1 km long Bofa Beach. It will be a wonderful start for an exciting holiday on the coast.

The coastline is lined with tall coconut trees and you will be for sure offered by friendly locals to taste the “Madafu Juice”

kilifi-kenya-north-coast-bofa-beachBofa beach is never crowded and it has spectacular African atmosphere. The hot subtropical day is very pleasant by the crystal clear turquoise water of Indian Ocean.

All the lovers of watersports  can book big game fishing to nearby Shimoni or Wasini Island. Snorkelling in Kilifi is a must! Explore the fascinating coral with its marine life.

Scuba diving along the vast coral reef or 20 meters under the ocean into the Vuma Caves are one of the top attractions on the coast.