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Learn Masai Language, Basic Phrases and Words

Learn Masai Language, Basic Phrases and Words

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To learn Masai language or the most used phrases before your holidays to East Africa will take less time as you might think. Well, it is not easy, but it will be much faster to learn Masai language with Villas Diani Maasai dictionary. Below you will find the most used words and basic Maasai phrases.

learn-maasai-language-warior-shoesIt will be not only a lot of fun, but it will earn you a huge credit with the local community in National parks and especially if you plan to travel to Maasai Mara. For the best experience, it is a good idea to combine a safari with visit of the coast as well. Have a look on our Kenya safari beach holiday video to see what an amaizing adventure it is.

No matter if you go on a safari or perhaps on a holiday to hot climate of the coast, you will for sure meet some of the proud warriors of this large tribe in Kenya.

Languages in Kenya, Learn Masai language Online

The most used language in Kenya is Swahili (or Kiswahili), however it is generally not the native Language for most people in Kenya. Besides official English and Swahili most people speak their own Tribal Language. So do the Maasai people.

The Maasai language is an Eastern Nilotic language spoken in Southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania by the Maasai people. This one of the largest tribes in Kenya kept their traditional lifestyle without much interest for foreign development. That’s why they have also become a major interest for tourists.

learn-speak-masai-online-dictionarySince tourist crowds stream in masses to see they tribal homes of the proud warriors with their many wifes, they have soon adopted the trade of their famous colorful jewelry made of beads as a generous second income to the common herding of cattle. It is therefore no surprise that you’ll meet Maasai people in every major tourist areas of Kenya’s resorts. As a mater of fact, there is an authentic Maasai village in Diani beach.

If you have no time to learn Masai language, here are few Masai phrases (According to Maasai people these are the most used words among them)

Evening – Emuto / Morning – Ekenywa / Beautiful – Sidai Oleg / Dog – Oldia / Cat – Ebuss / Cow – Enkitek
Goat – Enkine / Donkey – Osikiria / Food  – Edaa / House  – Engaji / Lion  – Olowuaru / Meat – Engiri
Eyes – Engogu / Head – Elukunya / Mouth – Engutuk / Stomach – Ekoshoke / Teeth – Ilala / Hand – Enkaina / Body  – Osesen

You will need these Maasai Language phrases to negotiate prices and ask for the items you would like to buy. The most popular Maasai souvenirs are jewellery made of beads, belts, shilds and weapons

Necklace – Enengaina / Bracelet – Enemurr /Belt – Emuship / Shild – Elogo / Spear – Embere /Velet – Ebena /Bag – Orbena

How much is this? Kero Piyani aja? / That is very cheap/expansive! Egol/Elelek / Can I get discount? Nehaki entoki epesho? / Do you have something cheaper? Iyata iye entoki poki nalelek? / I am sorry, I do not have money. Sore amoo meata iropiyani / Do you have change? Iyata iye chech? / I will take this. Aya ena / I want this. Ayou ena / I don’t like this. Mayou ena / I like this. Anyorr ena

Some few Maasai phrases you might need on a safari

Where are lions? Koree ilowoarak? / Where are you going? Kailoito? / Let’s go! Maape! / Come! Ou!
Give me water Nachaaki engare / I don’t have time. Maata esaa / You can write me an email. Igevokoki imeel
My email is.. Ove imeelai ai.. / This is my wife. Entasatai ena / This is my husband. Arpayalai ele

Some Ice breakers

How are you? (To man) Supa? / I am good. Epa! / How are you (To woman?) Takwenya? / I am good. Yko / Good buy!  Sere
Anda Supai aldarasa! Good morning! / Kekijaa? What is your name? / Kaakopu Ingwaa (Kaiingwaa) ? Where are you from?
Aingwaa England.  I am from England / Where are you from? Kakop iyee igua? / I am from.. A woman says: Ara ene.. Man says: Ara ole../
What is your name? Kekijia engarna ino? / My name is.. Aji.. / Do you speak English? Iyolo iye English? / What is this? Kanyo ena? / This is for you. Enino ena toki / Eroro aa kinyi. Speak slowly.

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