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Visit of Mombasa and the Old Town

Visit of Mombasa and the Old Town

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Mombasa is the entrance to the Kenyan coast. With gorgeous coastline it is the major holiday destination for vacations, weddings or honeymoons in Kenya.

Mombasa has not only some of the best beaches in Kenya, but boosts also number of historical sights, attractions, restaurants, night clubs and shops.

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Welcome to Mombasa and its extraordinary old town

The Kenyan people say: Kisiwa Cha Mvita” which in Kiswahilli means   “Island of War” This local name for Mombasa was adopted centuries ago and definitely does not reflect the nowadays atmosphere. The population of  Mombasa is more then 1 000 000 000 inhabitants and the city is considered to be one of the oldest human settlements on the eastern coastline of the African continent.

Mombasa safaris and excursions

There are many tours, safaris and things to do in Mombasa. You can enjoy watersports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, taste delicious coastal cuisine, go on safari to Haller park, take an excursions through the old town or visit ancient Fort Jesus built by the Portuguese. The Fort Jesus in Mombasa is a proud fortress located right on the beginning of the old town and has very interesting history.

Mombasa people-gameThe old town has amazing architecture with many  historical buildings in beautiful Indian, Arab and Swahili style.

The most of the buildings are built very narrow and tall in order to provide shade during the hot days. The old historical buildings in Mombasa have beautiful hand carved doors made of heavy wood. You might see similar doors in Zanzibar or Lamu.

If you visit Mombasa during November, you will have the opportunity to experience a carnival. Carnival in Mombasa is one of the “must see” events in East Africa.

The ancient streets of Mombasa will fill up with colorful parades made up of ornamented musicians, artists, comedians, singers, beautiful African dancers, Swahili Taarab, Maasai warriors and tribes from the coast and other places all around Kenya.

The carnival is accompanied by African music with powerful drum beats.

Let’s go shopping in Mombasa!

The best shopping areas are the four major roads, Digo Road, Nkrumah Road, Nyerere Road and Moi Avenue.

mombasa-carnival-entertainmentHere you will find all the African shops with traditional goods and tourist items, markets with spices, vegetables and fruits. You will also find here the best restaurants.

Mombasa Nightlife & Casinos

Mombasa is famous as a lively holiday destination. There is an excellent night life with many discos and night clubs.

The most famous are Mamba International Night Club located in Nyaly, the large open-air Tembo Disco with its capacity for up to 3000 people and the Casablanca night club with its five bars.

mombasa-disco-clubs-dancers-You can try your luck in some of the casinos in Mombasa – Florida Casino, The Nyali Beach Hotel casino, Golden Key Casino or the Royal Casino.

Holidays in Rhythm of Africa! Excellent music festivals and life concerts on a beach in Mombasa

There are a variety of live music concerts or festivals directly by the ocean all year round, where the visitors can see African bends, African singers and African dancers.

When it rains in Mombasa, there are cinemas, meeting clubs darts clubs and bowling. You can visit the traditional coffee and tea shops, where you can enjoy spicy local Masala tea with ginger, cloves and cinnamon during the rainy season or taste traditional Arab coffee with a puff of a oriental shisha pipe. There is no hurry in Africa! You may take a short nap on many comfortable pillows in Arabian style in one of the coffee places in Mombsa.