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Sightseeing Flight with Coastal Microlights

Sightseeing Flight with Coastal Microlights

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Sightseeing flight with Coastal Microlights is a lifetime experience and the best way to view the south coast of Kenya.  If you are tired of the usual safaris in a car and lazy for a bike tour with Diani Bikesor or walking excursions trough the Maasai Village and Kaya Kinondo Sacred Forest, try this unusual scenic flight with Coastal Microlights!

Unforgettable adventure on a sightseeing flight! Take a flight in a microlight and explore the south coast of Kenya form 360 feet above the ground!

sightseeing-flight-coastal-microlights-congo-sunsetThe spectacular coastline of the Indian ocean is considered as one of the most beautiful in east Africa! There is nothing better then to take a sightseeing flight with Mark on his microlight and view the Dhow Sailing or you can go as far as to Shimba Hills! This could be the adventure on your holiday in Diani beach!

This air safari is the right adventure for all those who does not have shaky legs of the heights. The price for the sightseeing flight with coastal microlights is 50 euros. You may also have a look on our list of some free things to do on holidays in Diani beach if you are not willing to spend for excursions, but you will miss out on the bird view of the picaresque African coastline.

The shores are covered with powdered white sand, tall coconut palm trees and gorgeous turquoise Indian Ocean. Imagine seeing all this beauty from above. Not too high, but just high enough to get spectacular aerial view of the most visited locations in Kenya. With Coastal Microlights it is possible! The flight takes around 30 minutes, but the trip can be extended and you might discover even more distant destinations. The flight is 360 feet above the ground, on a small Microlight. You will have very experienced pilot on your scenic air safari, who will brief you about the security details.


Itinerary of the sightseeing flight with Coastal Microlights

You will fly above the spectacular Chale Island, Galu Kinondo and as far as Congo river and Tiwi. During the sightseeing flight with Coastal Microlights pay attention to the confluence of Congo river and the Indian ocean in the north area of the resort. The view is fantastic!

Pass by the splendid landscape with perfect white sand and small bush houses. View the beauty of this exotic destination the best way possible!