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Self-catering Villas with Super Healthy Food

Self-catering Villas with Super Healthy Food

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If you choose any o self-catering villas in Kenya south coast you will have chance to visit some of the best restaurants. In a private accommodation with a chef, you may also learn some of the popular local dishes. Good thing about self-catering accommodation is that you will choose all the ingredients.

Here are few tips on super healthy food you should definitely include into your menu while on holidays in self-catering villas

Maybe you will be surprised but in Kenya you will get some of the the most healthiest foods there are. So why not to rent a self-catering villa on Indian ocean and return home healthier? These superfoods are proven, expert-beloved disease fighters and energy boosters. It might be a good idea to try one of these before your safari in some of the National parks in order to boost your power. Some of the superfoods are not only excellent for eating but also for beauty purposes. If you plan a luxury honeymoon holiday in Kenya, try turmeric or baobab face mask. Your skin will look fabulous!

Self-catering holidays with giant Baobab Fruits

Baobab is an excellent source antioxidants, calcium, potassium, thiamin and vitamin B6, C – all vital nutrients known to benefit general health.

Sukuma-wiki-food-dianiMany of self-catering villas have the baobab trees in the gardens. Have a look on the video of luxury villas Adansonia to view the self-catering accommodation with amazing giant baobab tree. You will just crash the fruits open and eat up the sour fruit.

Kenya self-catering villas with African dishes, Sukuma Wiki

This green leafs are prepared similar way as spinach and are served with rice or ugali. Most of our rentals have own garden and sukuma wiki can be harvested free of charge.

The fiber aides in digestion, it also keeps healthy liver, lowers cholesterol and maintains ideal blood sugar levels in your body. Not forgetting it has large amounts of vitamin C. Ask the private chef in self-catering accommodation to prepare you this super healthy bomb.

If you do not stay in one of our properties with garden, you can buy fresh sukuma for 30ksh (0,30 euro cents).

Pili Pili (African Bird Peper) Spice up your self-catering holiday

This hot chili grows wild in parts of Africa and is one of the most super powerful remedies. With a scorching 150,000 Scoville heat units, African Bird Pepper can awaken many dishes and heal many health disorders. It was considered helpful for various conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, including stomachaches, cramping pains, and gas.

Use Aloe Vera s a moisturizer while you are enjoying sun in self-catering accommodation in Diani

Aloe-veraAloe Vera you will find almost in every self-catering villa. It heals intestinal wall, is antibacterial and has more then hundreds of healing properties. Aloe can also replace almost any cosmetic product. Use aloe as a moisturizer on skin or hair.

Moringa Oleifera., discover this miraculous super healthy food while on self-catering vacation in Kenya coast!

This miraculous plant can adequately supply the human body with a large amount of its’ needed vitamins. This is a must either you are on a self-catering holiday or not. The main benefit to taking moringa oleifera is its’ high nutritional content.100g of fresh Moringa leaves have 8.3 g protein, 434 mg calcium, 404 mg potassium, 738 μg vitamin A, and 164 mg vitamin C.

Enjoy healthy holiday in self-catering villas and return home with stronger immunity, feeling better and looking better!