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Things to Do in Mombasa, Safaris & Mosques

Things to Do in Mombasa, Safaris & Mosques

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When it comes to things to do in Mombasa you can choose from day tours, safarissightseeing, historical or cultural visits and much more. You ill find ll the attractions only 15minute drive from luxury beach cottages.  The most popular things to do in Mombasa are visit of the old town, Fort Jesus excursions or full day safaris to Haller park. It is also very close to Shimba Hils which is the second largest coastal forest in east Africa. It is one of the best places for safaris in Kenya if you want to spot elephants.

What are the best things to do in Mombasa? Find Mombasa safaris and excursion you will never forget

Mombasa aside of being one of the oldest coastal towns is also an exotic island and has developed its own culture over centuries of Arabian, Portuguese, British and Indian influence. No matter which Mombasa safaris or things to do you will choose from our suggestions, you will enjoy a beauty of exotic coast and rich history. Thanks to it exotic beauty it popular destination for honeymoons and family holidays.
safaris in Mombasa-old town visit

Mombasa city is the entrance to magical Kenyan coast. With large amount of various holiday accommodation, historical sights, beautiful architecture and safaris for kids or adults, Mombasa became one of the most visited places for holidays in Kenya. If the regular buzz isn’t enough to keep you busy, here is a list of things to do while on holidays in Mombasa.

Safaris and things to do in Mombasa – old town visit

Mombasa is as well easily accessible for sightseeing from the south coast. The old town of Mombasa is inhabited by a richly diverse group of communities: locals, Arabs, Asians, Portuguese and the British which have co-existed for hundreds of years. One of the most interesting facts about Kenya you will learn on the coast is that local people do not drink cold beverages, but hot or warm. Beer anyone?

The various social, political, religious and economic activities of these groups have created a distinct character and culture which together has come to define this old town of Mombasa and endless list of things to do.

The visible aspect of this unique character is a collection of historical buildings dating from the 18th century which combines, African, Arabic and European influences. Many of these buildings still exist, in beautifully carved doors as well as elegantly styled balconies attached to their turn of the century facades. One of the best things to do in Mombasa is just to stroll in narrow streets.

One of the most poopular things to see in Mombasa is visit the Shree Cutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple

Mombasa is a multicultural environment and a home for many different cultures and religions. The Shree Cutch Satsang Swaminarayan Temple can be described as a two-storey temple in oriental style. The temple resembles the history of the ones belonging to Gujarati community. People from all over the world flock to this temple or seeking for solace and it is wonderful activity to do in Mombasa.

See the crocodiles at Mamba Village day tour in Mombasa

safaris in Mombasa-old town visit-crocodilesOne of the best things to do in Mombasa with kids is visit of Mamaba Village. At Mamba village you get a chance to see East Africa’s largest crocodile farm. Mamba village is divided into different sections which include the crocodile farm, the horse and camel riding, and flora magic, which is a botanical garden. There is also a marine aquarium and snakes. The restaurant specializes in game meat such as crocodile, ostrich and zebra. The highlight for many visitors is the feeding time as you get to watch the fierce fight of the crocodiles.

Are you tired of boring things to do on holiday? Take a cruise around the Mombasa island on a dhow

Safaris in Mombasa-Tamarind dhowAre you tired of usual restaurants? Imagine an authentic Jahazi (traditional Arab sailing boat), formerly used for cargo trading along the Kenyan coast and to the Arab States, manned with some of east Africa’s most rewarded chefs, international spirits and the add a reggae band to rock the boat every night! This will be definitely one of the best things to do in Mombasa.

You can have it on Tamarind Dhow every day and night for lunch and dinner cruises with the skyline of Mombasa, or you can hire your own Dhow with a maximum capacity of 55 guests for dinner or up to 70 for cocktails. The Dhows have been completely refurbished as floating restaurants, without losing any of the traditional aspects of the original Dhow.

Mombasa sightseeing tour and visit of the Jain Temple

Safaris in Mombasa-Jain TempleJainism goes on to hold every form of life as sacred. People belonging to the Jain community from across the globe come over here to offer their prayers. This spectacular temple has been decorated all over with sculptures and ornaments. The temple is very visited throughout the year; but especially during ‘Samvatsari’.

Visit Fort Jesus

The Fort Jesus was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The fort has a museum that displays various artifacts from the era where Mombasa served as a transit point for the slave trade and commodities, and which enjoyed regular visits by seafarers.

See the Tusks

Safaris in Mombasa-Mombasa tusksThe Mombasa “Tusks” are symbolic representations of entrance into the heart of the town. The tusks were built to commemorate the visit of Queen Elizabeth to the town in 1952, as they lay directly on the path from the port to the town.

Ivory was considered to be an exquisite commodity during the time, and in essence the tusks were meant to embrace the Queen and the British Empire into the town and within its social structure. Coincidentally the tusks also spell the letter “M” for Mombasa.

Shop at the Bombolulu workshops

Bombolulu Workshops and Cultural Centre is located in Mombasa and works with more than 100 people with different abilities, men and women artisans to help them overcome their physical limitations and empower them economically and socially to become fully integrated members of their communities, also providing social benefits to the workers e.g. Clinic, Nursery School, Social Hall, Sports, HIV Prevention, etc.

Bombolulu started in 1969 and the Association for the Physically Disabled of Kenya took over in 1987. Safaris in Mombasa-Bombolulu marketThis nonprofit organization produces crafts of a very high standard and gives vocational training to people with special abilities. we have 4 sheltered workshops, producing a range of jewelry, textile, wood and leather products. An on-staff designer creates new products, including the trademark Bombolulu recycled materials design pieces. You can visit the workshops in Mombasa and the new Bombolulu Boutique in Diani Beach Shopping Centre to buy beautiful and unique products.

There is much more things to do in Mombasa and safaris, but sometimes it is fun just to stroll on your own.