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Traditional African Beach Cottages in Kenya

Traditional African Beach Cottages in Kenya

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African beach cottages are very popular accommodation for holidays on Indian ocean. That east African coast features some of the best cottages for Indian ocean holidays is well known, but do you also know how this type of accommodation is different from beach resorts in Kenya?

africa-kenya-beach-cottages-amani-villas-roomWell, there are also some differences between private villa rentals and African cottages. The good thing which both type of the African rentals are popular for is the privacy.

Never the less, in general, traditional African cottages with makuty roofs are more suitable as a low budget accommodation. You will also find luxury African cottages as Kapungu or Tijara Cottages which will be fabulous for more demanding travelers.

What to expect from an accommodation in African beach cottages on the Kenyan coast?

African cottages are mainly along the coast, but in the highlands of Kenya, safari cottages can be found as well. If your next holiday is on the coast and not in National parks you will see a number of them. The cottages are usually two, three or four bedroom houses and are excellent for large family holidays or group of friends.

Dining in African beach cottages at the coast. Taste African dishes in comfort of private cottages

But how does the dining in this type of accommodation work? Dining in African beach cottages is much more convenient then in hotels and resorts according to many travelers. Dining in hotels is scheduled and has certain hospitality guidelines. Unlikely in the hotels, in traditional African beach cottages, you will decide when you will eat and what you will eat. You can be sure that at the coast we hve a large amount of self-catering villas with super healthy food you may choose from!

But it does not mean that you have to be cooking or spending a time for shopping. All major African beach resorts feature many large supermarkets and your private staff is there to get you whatever you feel like. Yes, the accommodation comes with private staff who will will take care of the daily routine.

Private dining in self-catering beach cottages in Africa is a great experience.

Order fresh seafood and fish directly from the Indian ocean! Exotic fruits and vegetable are almost on each corner. True African experience. Well, and if you do not feel like to eat at your cottage you might visit some of the excellent restaurants. African beach cottages features all the facilities of a private luxury home.

The African accommodation include fully equipped kitchen, living room and usually indoor or outdoor dining areas as well. The roof is often made of coconut leaves, called “Makuti roof”. This kind of roofing is very popular as the climate in Kenya is hot and the makuty roof is very tall and allows good air circulation. But be also careful when choosing the accommodation during the rainy season in Diani beach as most of the private cottage with makuty roof are licking and you might end up wet while sleeping or even worse, your personal belongings can get spoiled.

In short African beach cottages will be excellent accommodation for low budget family holidays or group of friends looking at the low price rather then facilities.