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Visit of Gazi Women Mangrove Boardwalk

Visit of Gazi Women Mangrove Boardwalk

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It takes no longer then 20 minutes drive safari from Diani beach to Gazi Women Mangrove BoardwalkIf you didn’t choose anything in top 5 Diani beach free things to do, perhaps the visit of Gazi Mangroves will catch your attaition. Explore the further south of the Kenyan coast on a day safari to a nearby coastal village. The Gazi was Kwale District’s administrative center and has a rich history. If you fancy fishing you may extend your tour further to Shimoni.

A day safari from Diani beach to Gazi Women Mangrove Boardwalk

Gazi ruins were used as a concentration center for slaves before they were shipped to far East countries. The ruins were also a home to Sheikh Mbaruk Bin Rashid who was notorious for torturing local people. The British troops eventually defeated him, and he ended his exile days in Tanzania.

tour-from-diani-beach-gazi-women-boardwalk-kidsNowadays the Gazi Women Boardwalk aims to enhance the productivity, stability, and functional integrity of mangrove ecosystems and fisheries production in Kenya.

The project is lead by the Gazi Women Group, with cooperation from the Gazi Youth Group and the Gazi Fishermen CBO. You will have the pleasure of meeting the friendly women from the village who are the able managers of this community project.

You can also rent a bike or take one of the tours with Diani beach quads, but we suggest going to Shimoni by car. You will reach the project crossing Ukunda and driving south towards Tanzanian border. Passing local plantations and beautiful African landscape you will arrive to a sign which reads: Gazi Women Mangrove Walkboard. Take a turn to the left and follow the small path.

The village is very lively. With small houses and coastal atmosphere it nearly looks like in a fairyland. Kids are almost everywhere.

You can meet your guide in the village. First you will visit the giant baobab three. The ancient baobab tree is hundreds years old and is secret to local people.

They come to pray under the tree. Some of them are coming with a hope to get healthy, rich or has many other reasons. You just need to sacrifice a bottle of a rose water. But, I am sure your guide will instruct you what to do if you have some wishes to come true.

Gazi-women-group-safari-mangrove-forestFrom there you will go to boardwalk. Your guide will explain about the history of Gazi and project itself while you will be resting on hand made wooden furniture. The entire atmosphere of the area have very special feeling.

Entering the Gazi Boardwalk, Step into the magic place

After the short introduction you will enter the mangroves on wooden boardwalk. I must say that it is truly amazing experience. If you took the tour to Haller park and visited the gardens you know what I mean when I say exotic lush-tropical paradise. The surrounding green mangroves seem to be endless. You will be captured in a natural beauty.

The walk will take 30 minutes, with occasional resting points made of wood while the guide will entertain you with interesting facts about the mangroves and its habitat.

The view from boardwalk

gazi-women-group-safari-mangrove-view-islandAs the highlight of the tour is the view point over the ocean and a small island. After short lecture about the trade history and mangroves  you will walk back.

The Gazi Women Boardwalk is fantastic tour from Diani beach. On the way from the Gazi you can stop in a honey farm which belongs to the community as well. but about that we will write a next time.