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Cultural Eco Visit of Maasai Village

Cultural Eco Visit of Maasai Village

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Visit of Maasai Village is an excellent way to learn about the Maasai culture, without the need to travel into distant National Parks. If you are staying in Diani beach and you don’t have the time to visit large national parks, this will be the best way to explore a traditional Maasai village. The Maasai people of East Africa live naturally in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania along the Great Rift Valley on semi-arid and arid lands.

Explore fascinating culture and learn how to make fire and on a visit of Maasai Village

This interesting cultural visit is a life time experience and one of the most fun tours for kids at the south coast of Kenya!

maasai-woman-village-mud-housesThe Maasai village keep their ethnicity up to these days. The village is located right behind the Ushago restaurant. The tour can be booked with Diani Bikes or if you are looking for more adventure, with Diani quads you will have a plenty of choices. You can also just walk in and let the local community show you around. You won’t regret! Learn Maasai language and get familiar with basic phrases, greetings and words to make your tour more interesting.

Learn how to make fire on a cultural visit of Maasai Village and buy hand made beaded suveniers

Traditional Maasai lifestyle centres around the cattle which also the main source of food. The Maasai people believe that God gave them all the cattle of the world. The wealth of a man is counted according to amount of cattle and children. A herd of 50 cattle is considered good standard, and the more wives or children the better. The men in the Maasai tribe are born and raised to be warriors. They don‘t marry when they are young but instead they stay in the woods, or nowadays, many of them go to coast work as askaris (guard).

maasai village-diani-child-souvenir-for-saleThe Maasai Village in Diani is built in the traditional way, the houses are made of cow dung mixed with mud and the village hosts around 40 members. Upon arrival you will be introduced to people, welcomed with their traditional jumping dance, learn how to make fire and much more!

You will have a chance to take photos of the Maasai village and you are also free to take photos of the houses made of mud and people. The visit will take about 45minutes followed by Maasai market where you can buy  jewelries and other souvenirs made of beads.

The members of Maasai community from the village often hang out in neighboring Ushgao restaurant and if you want, you can play billiard or have a soda together with them. The price for the tour is 1000ksh per person(10 euros) Have look also on some other fun things to do on holidays in Diani beach, perhaps you take also a short trip to the nearby Kaya Kinondo forest and learn more about the Digo tribe after you explore the Maasai village.