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Explore Wasini Island on Dolphin Dhow Safari

Explore Wasini Island on Dolphin Dhow Safari

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Wasini island is located on the south coast of Kenya and is one of the Africa’s best islands for diving. Let it be divers or travelers, there is a number of highlights awaiting for everyone taking on a chance to visit this historic sight. It takes 100 kms, 40 minutes drive from Diani beach along Mombasa – Lunga Lunga highway to Wasini Island. The island is only 5 km long and 1 km wide and is sparsely populated and undeveloped. There are no cars or roads. If you’re looking for an exciting full day excursion from Diani, a Dolphin Dhow safari to Wasini Island is exactly what you are looking for! Some of the main sights on this safari are ancient mosques, tombs, visit of slave caves, amazing coral formations, dolphins, mangroves inhabited by many exotic birds, baobab gardens or white sanded bays an much more.

Explore Wasini Island on a Dolphine Dhow Safari with your family or take a romantic Sunset Cruise

First you will reach Shimoni which was in the past original headquarters of the Imperial East Africa Company. It was the years before Kenya even became a British Colony. Shimoni means in Swahili language ‘The place of the cave’.  Shimoni Caves are a fascinating historical site. The caves were used in the past as “Kayas” – shrines and as a hiding place for locals who hid from attacks by marauding tribes from the hinterland. Immediately opposite to the entrance of the slave caves you will see the remains of the old headquarters building. Shimoni in Swahili means

In Shimoni you will board an Arabic dhow and sail searching for dolphins. Dhow sailing is very relaxing as the Indian ocean is very calm. You will sail to Kisite marine national park where is planed snorkeling, swiming and delicious seafood lunch.

Wasini Island-Coral-marine-lifeOn a day excursion in Wasin Island, you will also view Muhndini – a promontory overlooking the spectacular mountains of wild Tanzania.

For those looking for a little bit of glamour to their trip, available is also a romantic sundowner cruise.

Visit of Wasini island with snorkeling at the Kisite Marine Park

Kisite Marine national park is the second most famous marine park in the world after the Australian Marine Park. The bay area that now makes up Kisite was used as a target shelling area by the British Navy. During the Second World War, HMS Ramilles was using Kisite Island and practiced with some of the largest shells in use in the navy, 15 inch shells. Many of these shells were later retrieved by a white settler, Tito Lanyon, who used them to line the entrance of his gate in Shimoni village. On your visit to slave caves you will have a chance to to see them.

The marine park covers an area of 30km2 and is managed by Kenya Wildlife Service. This will be the right palace for those who want to learn how to dive with a professional diver or get Padi certification. You can also opt for snorkeling and discover fascinating corals. Animals seen here include turtles, marine tortoise, bearreeffs, and different type of fish. The reefs are home to some of the best diving sites in the world.

Interested in diving on Wasini island or a village tour?

Wasini Island is kept in its very natural and untouched way. The island is occupied only by a small group of the Vumba people (approx 1500 only). This indigenous group of Bantu speaking people is marked by history remembering settlements of Arabs or even the influence from the Persian Gulf states.

Wasini Village-eco-tour

If you visit Wasini island on a day excursion, you will certainly enjoy a cultural visit of the only two ancient villages on the island, Mkwiro and Wasini village. You will learn more about the history of Wasini island and discover culture of Vumba tribe.

There is also nearby Pemba Island and Tanga, which are excellent for deep sea fishing for those who would like to go further from Wasini island..