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Why We Love The Rainy Season in Diani Beach

Why We Love The Rainy Season in Diani Beach

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All people who travel to Kenya try to avoid the rainy season while planning their holiday. They imagine that if they travel between May and July or November, they’ll spend every day in a room as a result of the climate with heavy rains during the rainy season in Diani beach. But it is not so and as a matter of fact, this can be the best time to visit Kenya and book your holiday.

Reasons why travel during Diani beach rainy season is the best time

One thing you should know about the rainy season in Kenya is that it is rarely rainy the whole day. Beside of some showers trough out the rainy season there is always enough sunshine to enjoy the coast with all its facilities and attractions.

diani-beach-rainy-season-rates-afrochic-hotelThere is much to do, like water sports, extreme sports, snorkeling, diving, visiting local villages, learning about the culture, history and more. If you look for an adventure there is a limited amount of dates which are suitable for visit of National parks or safari.

Cheaper accommodations, special deals and free upgrades during the rainy season at the coast

You know how it can get into the budget if you plan a large family holidays. And I am not mentioning the luxury villa holidays. But during the rainy season you will get the best holiday deals! You may get a luxury accommodation with 40-60% off the high season tariffs.

Some of the hotels and resorts offer special deals with a free night stay or complimentary gifts. Shortly said, the rainy season is the best value travel to Kenya.

Watersports during the rainy season enjoys better wind conditions

A little rain won’t impact on your adventures and safaris. As a matter of fact, certain safaris and watersports are in their prime during the rainy season months. Because of more rain, anything having to do with water is more fun.

Avoid to Christmas crowds and step into world’s best deserted beach during the rainy season

If you travel to coast in rainy season you will be pleasantly surprised of the relaxed coastal atmosphere. This part of the world is never crowded , but during the rainy season the only footprints in the sand might be yours.


Relax during the long walk along the exotic coastline, enjoy tranquil moments with the calm waves of the Indian ocean and unwind in the sounds of the wildlife. There are completely deserted areas you may want to spend a time by watching the turquoise ocean and take occasional bath in one of the natural pools during the low tide.

Better value holidays during the Diani beach rainy season

Yes, that is true! Not only accommodation you get cheaper during the rainy season, but you will also get better deal on air tickets, transfers, safaris and you can even negotiate better prices in local shops for fruits, veggies and souvenirs.

Shopping in Diani beach during the rainy season is the best time. Unfortunately discounts does not apply on any treatment in Diani beach hospitals.

The rainy season brings thousands of colors into coast

During the rainy season the entire Kenya is greener. The rain turns coast into lush tropical greenery full of exotic flowers, birds and butterflies. This is the best time for honeymoons! The rain brings everything to life. It is often heard from the expats living at the coast that the most beautiful time on the coast is May-June. During the rainy season flowers begin to bloom everywhere and the wildlife is more present.

These are only few reasons why we think the Diani beach rainy season is great time for a vacation.